Pure + Various Artists – No End Of Vinyl


CD – Cronica Electronica

From Crónica Electronica come ten new reinterpretations, reflecting on “the end of vinyl or the end of the world”. Although there is some underlying thematic irony here, the Portuguese label has maintained its customary formal accuracy and clarity of aims with this release, thanks in part to Pure and Miguel Carvalhais. Both have been active on the production side, giving new life to the the.end.of.vinyl release, which was originally recorded by Pure in 1999 and has been out of stock for some time. Hiding behind the monikers of Pure and Current 909 is Peter Votava. The Austrian producer, who currently lives in Berlin, has moved from the analogue domain into digital production. This is the first work in his catalogue where the focus is on pure listening as opposed to functional dance music. The original Pure album was not a manifesto against vinyl records but a reference to the different sources of the music, which arose out of samples that have now become the inspiration for new rarefied audio sequences. We won’t mention anyone in particular, because with names such as @c, Christoph de Babalon, Jorge Sánchez-Chiong, Cindytalk, Goner, Pita, Rashad Becker, Arturas Bumšteinas, Opcion and, last but not least, Pure, we need to mention all of them. The selection of music is fantastic and the album is available on Bandcamp for a symbolic-or-higher-if-you-want price tag.