PRSZR – Equilirium


CD – Hinterzimmer

Rafał Iwański and Dariusz Wojtaś, the two drummers residing under the moniker Hati, have teamed up with Peter Votava to produce an album entitled Equilirium. Votava is better known in musical scenes as Pure – a techno dj and producer active at the beginning of the 90’s, who later began to experiment with more ethereal and conceptual sounds. Together they have given life to PRSZR (pronounced “pressure”), a combo that effectively combines the digital sounds and abstract laptop elaborations of Votava with the polyrhythmic drums, gongs and electroacoustic resonances of the Polish duo. The sequences – often iterative – give life to a hypnotic continuum and are purificatory in their swinging and syncopated succession. They ritually evolve in very enveloping and meditative passages, full of pompous weaves and diaphanous patterns, characterized by insistent rhythms and noisy borrowings. The musical knowledge of the three musicians overlaps in a functional way and often the roles get mixed up: as a result, we are presented with a detailed digital construction, but one with space for flexible improvisation and the insertion of additional elements. Thanks to the enveloping structures and their seemingly infinite repetition, the listening experience becomes cathartic, leading to dark and pulsating meanderings that also display a form of ethnomusical and tribal virtuosity. The group always leaves enough space for each participant, the results are never predictable and the different approaches are used as expressive elements that succeed in augmenting the intensity of the audio experience. Aurelio Cianciotta

PRSZR (HATI & PURE) – Live in Toruń, 2012