Luca Forcucci – Fog Horns


CD – Sub Rosa

“Fog Horns” is the eleventh release in the Framework collection – an extension of Sub Rosa’s Concrete Electronics Noise series. This work showcases elaborations by Luca Forcucci, an Italian-Swiss sound artist whose work often combines installations, visuals and performances, and connects with a number of other artistic fields. Fog Horns immediately catches the attention of the listener with an unusual mix of “organic” field recordings and synthetic drones, alongside scratches and resounding cello chords. All audible expressions are perceived as undetached and the atmosphere feels muffled and metropolitan. The timbre of the horns and sirens and a very focused instrumentation create a vivid sense of the approaching fog. This is a concrete reference to the author’s travels in California: he was left enchanted by these long laments, muffled and lost in the empty space – although the album leaves open a large range of possible places and frequencies. The atmospheres are filled with cinematic and spacey echoes, crossed by waves and other natural captures; among the cuts different elements reveal themselves: bubbling, granular introverted sequences and more structural elements perfectly weave between highly visionary, pale drifts, breaks and undertows, fragments of conversations and mechanical loops. The drones and other ambient sources lose their own peculiarities, mixing with each other and giving life to dark and chaotic realities, where the unknown and the future flutter with uncertainty and a lack of control. The music generates feelings associated with the sense of loss and the act of creation, things that, usually, anticipate the rising of new times. Aurelio Cianciotta

Luca Forcucci and Michael Kott (aka 2 Humans and The Cosmos) : Fog Horns : Fog Horns : Luca Forcucci

Luca Forcucci – Fog Horns [Album Preview]