Daniel Blinkhorn – Terra Subfónica


CD – Gruenrekorder

With Terra Subfónica Daniel Blinkhorn has created a conceptual radiophonic work that fuses familiar, odd, neglected and unheard sounds. The sound-artist has focused his attention on the potentiality of comprehension and impressions of the medium of radio, manipulating the “traditional” techniques of audio awareness. Silences are allowed to emerge and poignant field recordings and other sound fragments manifest a sort of mapping process located at the edge of understanding. One of Blinkhorn’s main interests is “the exploration of the relationships between the people and the sound environments”. He has managed to fashion a number of articulate conceptual cages for this small radio-dramaturgical suite, adding instrumental and electronic sounds but still keeping a sense of the environments in which the works reside. The result is very fluid and rich with poetic passages, thanks to elaborately cut-up audio captures that intersect different planes and inspire the narrative, forming a meticulous work composed of 19 scores. Daniel Blinkhorn, Australian composer, sound and digital media-artist has persuaded us of his talent: this release is highly enjoyable and full of charm. Aurelio Cianciotta

Daniel Blinkhorn – Stereo Recording Zodiac Slewing Through Icefield

Daniel Blinkhorn – Stereo Recording Iceberg Fragments From Shoreline