Edited by Maud Chavaillon and eRikm – eRikm


Sextant Et Plus, Gantner Multimedia Centre, France, book+CD, ISBN: 9782953965032, 176 pages, 2013, English, French

eRikm is a French sound artist who connects sound and visual arts in a natural way, and effectively expresses in his works the relationship “between the audible and the visible” – as Graeme Thomson points out in one of the critical texts included in this package. It functions as an excellent monograph with inspired texts that illustrate the artist’s whole body of work, including practices and strategies. eRikm’s attitude is to properly imagine (or play with the imaginary) sound representation through sculptural structures, in order that the elements of his visual work literally “resound” with significance. As he puts it “art is always a spatial thing”. And among the practices, “sampling” seems to play a special role, crossing decades of technical changes and different media. A couple of examples are the plastic caps sequence spiralling between walls in “SeQ-L” in a manner that cites DNA structures, or any other system of complex information created from interwoven sequences of simpler concepts; and “Staccato”, a sculpture made with a sequence of 888 vinyl scraps tied with a wire rope in a form that can evoke the concept of a long, but closed loop. This book reveals how the artist has moved beyond live music stereotypes and has expanded his own perspective to visual arts in a broader sense. Thomson, again, interprets some of eRikm’s physical works as coherently elaborating a number of digital concepts, abstracting them from their binary substance and re-embodying them in an evident materiality (the book indeed includes a CD with six carefully selected tracks).