Joe Evans – Ecliptic Plane


Runningonair – CDr & Data-DVD – 2012, English

Joe Evans creates music that begins with mathematics, looking into ratios in nature and translating them into sound structures. Sometimes his mathematical music experiments are conducted in parallel and the aural results are manipulated using more than just the (many) formulas as composition rules. Ecliptic Plane is no exception, focussing on time and “how it is marked by movements within the solar system”. Some tracks use extensive data from planets, moons or frequency ratios of the orbits. Beyond being clearly, subtly or unconsciously perceivable (or not) the conceptual background is sufficiently explained in the eight-page booklet where the various experiments are illustrated with diagrams. So it sounds plausible (and totally fascinating) that the piano-only “Resonant TNOs”, for example, “takes its vocabulary from the ratios that define the movement of Trans-Neptunian Objects”. In this scenario, the sounds – smooth and granulating – evoke equations that seem to manifest their own logic through the listening. On the included DVD there’s a video (in HD and Surround 5.1) in black and white 3D, a mesmerizing simulation of a trip around the solar system. Scale and light angles have been preserved, but not the orbital movements that have to return to their initial position. The preciseness of the embedded audio and video content is suggestive of the incredible ratios and proportions found in nature, a constant source of amazement for humans for their spontaneity, here effectively translated into music.

Ecliptic Plane – Part 4 – 6 from Joe evans on Vimeo.