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I Love The Internet & The Internet Loves Me

Jamie Allen has used a classic strategy to connect two very different dimensions, the very intimate and the very public, maintaining their respective integrity in a very specific medium. His work “I Love the Internet and the Internet Loves Me“, features a digital town crier, in the form of a column with a connected computer and a megaphone on top of it that reads out loud his own personal Facebook feed. The installation is placed on a pier near the sea, transmitting all of his private friendships, relationships, comments and “indiscretions” to the passengers of the ships passing by. Intuitively the dichotomy between private and public is just short-circuited, making the private public through a neutral technological mediation. And the translation between a personal digital text and spoken words in a public place is a specific, perhaps even political act. In one it breaks the intimacy of the computer and Facebook’s terms of service, altering the textual output and stating its real intrinsic value.