Jasper TX – The Black Sun Transmissions

Jasper TX

CD – Fang Bomb
Claustrophobic settings, dark patterns in the background, disguised melodies, rather diluted and sidereal threads. In this manner begins “The Black Sun Transmissions” by Dag Rosenqvist, aka Jasper TX, a Swedish musician accustomed to hybrid multi-instrumentalisms, drones and improvisations rooted in post-rock. Virtuosities that embrace lo-fi aesthetics also reveal an oblique melodic pop sensitivity, evoking refined aesthetics and post-human sceneries. The caesuras here, iterated in the chords, seem rather nostalgic and insistent. It’s a sort of thickened urban discomfort that filters between the mesh of the five tracks of the album. Static buzzes reverberate in the guise of Morse codes lost in time, wandering through the infosphere of redundant communications. Unaware symbols of abandoned places and dead roads, producing atmospheres of detached sensitivity which perfectly adapt to the plain nature of the sequences, mixing glitcheries, noisy intermissions, and digital and ambient abstractions. The action is suspended but there’s still room for a melancholic lyricism: symphonic conjectures, ethereal and acousmatic, from which one cannot escape, because the sensations evoked belong to a range of strong and inextricable feelings. Like in “Shores”, when from the silence of the very first grooves, a disquieting pant softly springs, then is surpassed by refined loops and percussions, kept subtle by Mike Weis. This is a work that doesn’t leave you indifferent, into we sink or are repelled.