Zavoloka – Vedana


CD – Kvitnu

Extracting the CD from the very elegant “special cardboard double sleeve”, an hexagonal box with polished embroidery and playing the record soon leads to the realization that the content is equally as precious as the design. Kateryna Zavoloka is certainly a well-known and appreciated artist, one of the most interesting in the fertile East European electronic scene. With this release she completes the second part of a series dedicated to “purification from four elements”, in this particular case focused on water, “stoicheion”, dear to Nesti-Persephone. Vedana, the title of this project is an ancient Ukrainian female name. The work brings us back to pure sensation, to intuitive comprehension; here the sound sequences imprint themselves in the form of a mix of the ancient traditions of that country and digital contemporaneity. The artist’s the melodic investigations here generate the sense of an austere folk gracefulness. This album is the result of two years of research at the Electroacoustic Music Studio of the Academy of Krakow, a period during which Zavoloka gave several live performances accompanied by Laetitia Morais’ generative and interactive visuals. Of the ten tracks that make up the album what stays more engraved in our memory is the gentle flowing of the chords, the inner fusion and the control of natural forces. The fluency of the passages plunges us into an ethereal exploration, very pure, quietist but never uninteresting, inserting new atmospheres to join with the roots of more authentic popular music.