AAVV – Mindfield


CD – Psychonavigation

Psychonavigation is an Irish label based in Dublin, stylistically focused between ambient, electronica and electro. Head honcho Keith Down is also – in this case – the curator of “Mindfield”, an interesting collection dedicated to a certain “mentalism”, that crosses several musical genres and heralds calibrated, articulated consonances that are complex and non-conventional. Here we are at the fringes of the more interesting productions of non-mainstream “club culture”: to make it clear, this is not a typically experimental audio-art product. In “The Future Sound Of London”, for example we find the eclectic Italian sound-artist Federico Coniglio in an unusually chilled guise, though still “disturbed” by soft dissonances and “interferences”. We can also find Scanner in an unaccustomed elegiac guise – among the synthesizers at full throttle and bleep sounds there are also slower sequences, emotional and cinematic. On the conceptual-conceptuous “strange flowers” side, hybrids spawned by crossbreeding different species, we also find Boxcutter, separated from his more usual dubstep beats, embracing more neurotic rhythms “à la mode” of Aphex Twin, and David Morley who seems inspired by Biosphere. The line-up also includes Buckminster Fuzeboard, Spacetime Continuum, Norken and Robert Leiner (the Swedish DJ and producer also known as Source). And that’s not all – there are also contributions from Anodyn, Zombie Computer, Cuttooth, Sense, Karol Gwóźdź and Roger Doyle.