Yann Novak – Presence


CD – Hibernate

The recordings made for Presence were originally conceived by Yann Novak for a sound performance held at VOLUME, a curated event at the Torrance Art Museum in June 2010. The sound captures were made on that occasion using a cell phone. The same sounds were then digitally processed, significantly altering their specific characteristics and physical properties. That interaction then enacted a precise procedure that became indispensable in the development of the compositions, which are kept extremely rarefied, sidereal and emotional. In the highly mutoid states of sound perception during that performance many artists interacted in the space at their disposal, an environment where the same sequences were activated, evoking fascinating ambient passages, very precise iterations and hypnotically insistent caesuras. A quiet whirl of vibrations, drones, and stubborn, sensitive dissonances were generated. State-of-the-art laptop music, audio-manipulations resulting from a very direct and no-frills approach is here created by an expert of low definition sound captures – an artist more interested in the particular nature of encounters, people and the environment. The subsequent forms of intervention express a “particular quality”, resulting from the occasion and the action taken, permeated by narrative of connotations intimately infused in the post-production process. “My work is an exploration of incidents, processes and narrations”, as the author defines his union of data and impulses through various types of media.