Lucia Mense – Electronic Counterpoint

Lucia Mense

CD – Satelita / A-Musik
You can listen to Lucia Mense at the Berghain in Berlin, together with Sören Leupold, in a live performance released by Lux Aeterna – and then be now surprised by this project, which retains the same grace and effectiveness, though now adds in rich avant-garde virtuosities. The work is still steeped in a calibrated passion for the Middle Ages, Renaissance and Baroque music, an attitude that shows in a mixture of compositions, references and feats with the flute. With the help of digital equipment Lucia Mense doesn’t shy away from a rigorous analysis of the stylistic boundaries of the instrument, be they the result of improvisation or via cooperations with other composers. What strikes the listener is mainly the new instrumental combinations of postmodern classical music. We don’t tire of the work because the stratifications don’t give rise to predictable results, supporting the characters of bricolage, of multi-stylism and randomness, in a very concentrated and talented assortment of moods – supported in this case by the participation of authors and musicians such as Ulrich Krieger, Marc Sabat, Manfred Stahnle, Sascha Lino Lemke and Georg Hajdu. “Electronic Counterpoint”, using tape-recorders and live-electronics, already seems to predict new similar performances, a ground for more compositional-improvisational experiments. The sounds here modulate with melodious but sharp consonances, produced using Thesbald Boehm’s favorite instrument, the Western concert flute.