Hanna Hartman – H^2

Hanna Hartman

CD – Komplott
Hanna Hartman is a Swedish sound artist and composer who lives and works in Berlin. She focuses on evolving the characteristics of sounds, revealing correspondences that are not always implicit and imagining new concatenations of forms and frequencies. Aural jolts, jumps and continuous tremors are often mixed with difficult to distinguish field recordings, in addition to whirling envelopes and more metallic sounds. The five tracks proposed in “H^2” are the result of a careful search and a crafty combination of recordings. This is Hartman’s third release for Komplott, after “Longitude/Cratere” and “Ailanthus”, equally dense and stylized releases, but from which the aesthetic evolution is clear. Here there are also instruments, percussion and the voice of the soprano Ida Falk, while many previous techniques are artfully amplified and move in new directions. The result is a very fascinating and exciting continuum of sound, full of creative ideas and never conventional.