Alexander Schubert – Alexander Schubert Plays Sinebag

Alexander Schubert

CD – Ahornfelder
Acoustic instruments and electronic processing converge in this new album by Alexander Schubert through hybrid experimental junctions of captured sounds and elliptical atmospheres. There are almost post-jazz sequences in “A Few Plateaus”, while “Preliminary”, “Vowels”, “All My Models” and “Slept” offer improvisational and refined interludes. The album’s two full-bodied tracks, “A Few Plateaus” and “Wake-up, Fly Ray”, each lasting more than thirteen minutes, are dense and passionately evocative productions. Unlike his previous albums, Schubert is here surrounded by several musicians, each of whom inserts new feelings in the construction of passages and melodies. The harmonies may appear somewhat fragmented and distorted, but they are never excessive in emphasis and dissonance, well-organized in often multifaceted rhythms and gentle kinematic concatenations, full of interesting arrangements and harmonic details.