Igorrr – Nostril


CD – Ad Noiseam
Vitriolic sequences, without any sense of sadness even though peppered with church-like and orchestral moments. Accelerations, pauses and slowdowns, sudden changes of tempo, and an insane attitude for unusual twists and hyperbolic improvisations. Igorrr, born Gautier Serre, French researcher, again moves between Baroque music and death metal, electronic music and classicism. Talking about his own music the artist first uses the term “indéfinissable”, before opting for “baroquecore”, with a “fusion” nature in some movements. After the initial bewilderment that the harsh sounds generate, a certain elegance in the organization of the score, in the tremors and planned chaos touches the listener in a perceptible way. The variety and freshness of the approach finally prevail, infusing massive amounts of energy, sublimated in the beats and the quick staccatos, in the hypertrophic conjunction of diverse but juxtaposed compositional elements. Similar ambiguous influences, full of livid humanity, characterize the interesting graphics of the artwork.