Vernon & Burns – Mort Aux Vaches

Vernon & Burns

CD – Mort Aux Vaches
For Mort Aux Vaches, surpassing itself with even more extreme modulations of the characteristic “riveted” format doesn’t happen often, given how many highly original packages have been created for these very idiosyncratic releases. This time – however – you have to be very careful when unwrapping the packaging, which is made entirely from copper, embossed with the tracklist and with a (Turkish?) holed coin in the center, surrounded by a kind of plastic green corolla. This “mannerist” attitude of their in-house designers is also present in Vernon & Burns’ audio sequences, organized in the form of a rather weird and chaotic radio-drama, full of spoken word and sampledelic interludes, yet delicate in the quieter insertions – the classic pieces, the exhibition of electroacoustic and “musique concrete” elements. If this metaphor doesn’t explain the complexity of this work clearly enough, then imagine an abstruse conceptual cabaret where each piece tells an independent story, but where style permeates everything with irony and subtle mastery.