Ido Govrin – Moraine

Ido Govrin

CD – Interval
Creeping ambient sequences, with alluring developments are pervaded by drones and split into many layers of auditory tones. This work consists of six compositions, in an electro-acoustic continuum that flows out of deep mechanisms of sound analysis and syntheses that are rich in new and increasingly sophisticated narratives. Sounds are largely derived from acoustic instruments – such as cello and violin – which are then modified with a computer in a sort of arithmetic collapse, in order to reveal a nature not easily attributable to a sluggish quietism. It’s no coincidence that the album title, “Moraine”, refers to a complex geological form of stacking, consisting of the rocky debris transported by glaciers during their slide toward the valley, which is eventually solidified by pressure. Disintegration and melancholy: these are the two poles of attraction that define the boundaries of this work, in a progressive shift of micro-sound and rarefied atmospheres, silences and elegiac breaks.