Roj – Transactional Dharma Of Roj


CD – Ghost Box
Straight from Ghost Box, a label based in Surrey, and characterized by sophisticated electronic vintage, we happily welcome “Transactional Dharma of Roj”, a vivid album with Burroughsian cut-ups and inspiring and imaginative conjunctions which underlie a cultural and psychic revolution in the English countryside. The project, which is somewhat cryptic and mysterious, with echoes, gentle experimental folk reverberations, artfully unresolved errant and free-form sequences, goes together well with the ever-changing percussion and equally varied sound implants. The 24 tracks contain curious German traces, rustles and every kind of auditory intrusion, yet the improvisational and psychedelic structure isn’t affected that much. The sometimes exotic narrative – in fact – among manipulations and evocative nostalgic sci-fi confluences, evolves into very enjoyable, inspired miniatures which the author, the keyboard player of Broadcast, a group signed to the Warp label, unfolds in a bizarre retro-futurist collage, reminiscent in some ways of the BBC Radiophonic Workshops of yesteryear.