Marina Rosenfeld – Plastic Materials

Marina Rosenfeld

CD – Room40
Marina Rosenfeld is rather famous in the underground New York scene (and not only there) for her compelling combination of an atypical conceptual turntablism along with more avant-garde and original experimentation. In “Plastic Materials”, too, some of the electro-acoustic structures typical of her sound catalog appear again between blip and ticks, together with deconstructed trills, harsh vibrations and improvised reverberations. The work forms a plait containing fuzzy-soul entr’actes, giggles and groans, and gentle repeated piano sequences. In short, many fragile and very imaginative acoustic-digital patterns overlap, obscure but at the same time close to an ephemeral and schizoid everyday life. A rather borderline album, full of musical mutterings and hardly identifiable audio signals, coagulated in mournful perturbations, fragments of human voices and other intangible sounds. Unexpected constructions, peripheral assemblies of oblique notes and melodies, wavering ever-changing treatments, vivid in contrast and variety, with uncircumventable effects.