Sturqen – Piranha


CD – Kvitnu
Intricate rhythmic sequences, hovering techno-trance fascinations and noise attitudes are contaminated with an energetic and chaosmotic mood in “Piranha”, the latest release by Sturqen. The recording is imbued with a dark, electronic feel, heavy with collisions that could be fitted to industrial dance contexts with no trouble at all. César Rodrigues and David Arantes, in just 39 minutes of recordings, make up a veritable sonic assault, congealed into bloated digital assemblies and throbbing interludes, acidic and stinging, never tame in their travel through multiple energetic textures and fragmented dissonances. Progressions reverberate in ever-changing hybrids, “muscular” and alien, redundant and powerful. A “war machine” which, though apparently far from Kvitnu’s typical experimental drifts, still manages to thrill with an even more “conceptual” listening experience. In fact, the solid nature of this musical creation and its authentic deconstructions ensures that the work can be defined as appropriately radical but still multi-faceted, ambiguous and polymorphic.