Audrey Chen + Robert Van Heumen – Abattoir

Audrey Chen

CD – Evil Rabbit
After an disquieting start, modulating on shrill guttural vocalizations and innervated with noisy and improvisational acts, Robert van Heumen intervenes on laptops and controller. He generates instrumental arrangements, selected by highly noisy drones, with supplemental clicks, hums, sudden changes of volume and various other audio events. The vocal evolutions of Audrey Chen are really extreme, as is – in a decidedly unconventional manner – her cello playing, which is also consistent with radical outcomes, channeling bristly and very imaginative audio convergences. Digital brutalism in free form, vehement expressions, heightened efforts, wailings and atonal lamentations are all performed with uninterrupted breathing techniques – the electronic manipulation is relentless, full of powerful distortions, melancholic melodies and experimental combinations. Authentic, intricate compositions, obviously not designed to please a mainstream audience, or to sit quietly in cautious research styles.