Source Records 1-6 – Music Of The Avant Garde, 1968-1971

Source Records 1-6

3CD – Pogus
This is a reprint of a series of recordings dating back to 1968-1971. ‘Music Of The Avant Garde’ testifies – with respect to the present – of another era just as intense as ours for sound experimentation. Originally appearing in the form of six 10″ vinyl records, published with Source Magazine, an experimental music periodical, these recordings attest to the influence on today’s generation by highly communicative and rigorous experimenters like Robert Ashley, David Behrman, Larry Austin and Allan Bryant. These were authors – of course – who paid a lot of attention to the ‘consistency’ of their work, but also who felt free to initiate experiments that were not overly constrained. The third and the fourth sections, included in the second cd, are particularly dense, with a classic Alvin Lucier track ‘I Am Sitting in A Room’, followed by compositions by Arthur Woodbury, Mark Riener, Larry Austin and Stanley Lunetta. The collection ends with the last two sections of Lowel Cross, Arrigo Lora-Totino, Annea Lockwood and the never enough praised Alvin Curran. The accompanying 20-page booklet also compiles a set of very interesting and exhaustive notes.