Shinkei / Luigi Turra – YU


CD – Non Visual Objects
Textures dilated, millimetrically suspended in space such that only distracted listening could make appear neutral, together with field recordings and ambient tonal digressions. These are the sound confluences developed by Luigi Turra and Shinkei, both musicians accustomed to minimal audio art. Envelopes of abstract and philosophical sounds, affected at the same time by a spiritual-analytical approach, not so far from some Zen traditions. We hear small perceptive faults, dictated by micro-frequencies, in a lively and sensitive game of referencing and calibrating, as it is played in ‘Wa’. Thanks to the gracefulness of dripping liquids in the subsequent ‘Karesansui’, there are natural sounds – birds in particular – that pop up from most silent passages. The six tracks are everywhere elegantly structured, with narrative skills that are almost never redundant. Among the grooves, it’s still possible to spot a singsong of an old blues, following oriental kids’ voices and manifold gongs.