Musopen, building a free classical music library


If there’s one intended victim of the decaying copyrighted music game it is classical music. A great amount of classic music should be totally free, because its copyright expired a long time ago, but very few recordings of this kind of music are in the public domain. The founders of Musopen want to achieve the goal of recording and eventually also obtaining recordings with no copyrights, in order to build a musical commons that would be easily shared, listened to and re-used. This effort is governed by a certain quality control, in order to make it worth placing in the public domain. It’s a new type of “donation” that triggers access to a vast music sector. All the music uploaded is also randomly streamed through a “radio” channel. Furthermore there’s a collection of many sheets of music that would facilitate the free recording call, and finally there’s also a project about writing a collective Music Theory Textbook.