Pato – clip_clap_crisis


CD – Free Software Series
In clip_clap_crisis Rubén Patiño, aka Pato realizes an extreme audio-abuse. He’s a sound-designer from Barcelona, a city that he says should be placed – in terms of its atmospheres – between Orwellian settings in ‘1984’ and fake Disneyland ones. His attitude to sound is well-rooted in the underground practices typical of the metropolis, and is now accustomed to all sorts of laptop experiments, to noise and more dissolute and destructured digital improvisation. After 3 years of residence and work ‘ clip_clap_crisis’ is the result of an avant-garde interweaving that is refined and complex, a deranged cut-up obtained using only freeware software (Pure Data, Creox C, Audacity) and ‘instruments’ including a malfunctioning laptop, cheap microphones, and house speakers as monitors. This emphasizes that today one can be involved in the digital elite without spending a fortune on studio equipment. Basically, the only thing needed is to know what to do. How to do it then becomes secondary, which of course does not mean to underestimate aesthetic, sound or formal aspects. All enlighten by a “different” logic, definitely non-mainstream and very free from the new diktats of some conceptual or ‘technical’ schools.