Love Songs, mashup visualized

Love Songs

Mashup has been one of the innovative techniques to take over the massive pop productions, breaking the borders established by the industry around every song released. “Love Songs” by Chris Han is an online “compilation of songs with ‘love’ in the title” where the flow of sounds is accompanied by the flow of the sequencing interface. It may seem banal, but the real time visualization implies that the sequencer becomes the mix’s visual. Moreover, it’s possible to “read” every passage, guessing where every sound is placed (and in which channel) and when it starts or ends. The entire structure is then “nude” and can be followed instant by instant, noticing how a voice or a drum pattern has been extracted and inserted in a perfectly organized compilation. Made with Ableton Live, the work was not a matter of minutes, but an effort that lasts many hours, in turn creating a consensus of effort from all over the internet, raising appreciation and questions. It’s a real kinaesthetic experience, totally functional and aesthetic.