Cem Güney – Praxis

Cem Güney

CD – Cronica

With sudden audio constructions, electro-acoustic and microsound influences, the Turkish multi-instrumentalist Cem Güney (who can boast past experiences as DJ and trumpet player) gives birth to a fascinating sequence of synthetic sounds and field recordings for the Portuguese experimental label Crónica. Compositions orbiting around an authorial attention focused on the perception of fragments, in forms of reverberations, crackles and wide iterations that come together in ambient and acousmatic scores. Gentle but still somewhat harsh, an elaboration of conceptually sophisticated and shining themes, experimental in articulating algorithmic sequences between science and spirituality. A meditation on the audible universe that bases its exploration on the same imagery evoked by our bodily automatisms: the flowing of blood, the electricity of nerves, the crackings in our ears. ‘Nada Yoga’ without melodies, words, rhythms or harmonies: just the sound of a humming breath.