Gregory Büttner – Walze 1-8

Gregory Büttner

CD – Firework Edition

Il materiale di base per questo progetto di Gregory Büttner è costituito da registrazioni storiche effettuate su cilindri di cera (in tedesco: ‘Walze’), provenienti direttamente dall’archivio del museo etnologico di Berlino, realizzate agli inizi del novecento e in differenti parti del mondo. Operando nuove sequenze The material for Gregory Büttner’s project is constructed from historical recordings that were made on wax cylinders (in German: ‘Walze’), coming directly from the Ethnological Museum in Berlin. These recordings were carried out at the beginning of the twentieth century in different parts of world. In bringing together new sequences and modulation through the use of a personal computer, the sound artist seems interested in establishing ‘memories recorded’. Uncertainties concerning the who, what and where of these recordings are in sympathy with the methods of production used in this work. The disintegration of the information source (background noise, technical defects, deterioration in the quality of sound), the blurring of the semiotic context and ultimately the specific process of audio data is at the heart of this interesting and highly suggestive integration of frequency and field recordings. It is a compendium of highly imaginative electroacoustic attitudes, forged in the dynamics, timbre and tonal combinations of several different components.