Men In Speedos – At A Kalamazoo Near You

Men In Speedos

CD – Red Label
Red Records is a label that has been based in Belfast since 1998. It is characterized by eclectic music expression, and was founded by Gawain Morrison and Shane McCourt – the embryonic nucleus of Men In Speedos – who where later joined by Derek Jones. Twinkle Fingers, Uberbeard and Chooch (their respective monikers) intertwine many different strategies and musical passions in their projects, suspended between avant-garde, rock and electronic dance, or sporting melodious downtempo chords, supported by vocalist Penny Nixon. All these different inspirations are used with nonchalance and a mix full of sound inserts, voice, other sound fragments and short notes. We finally come across a continuum can boast that its original feature is built from a diversity of stylistic proposals; one that does not avoid bleeps and squeaks, and is characterized by a “day-dreaming” live attitude and really open, arioso editing. Noteworthy also is Daryl Campbell’s cd design, made with elegant red velvet and an embossed stylized picture, whose inside, made in printed light cardboard, serves as a rival attraction.