He Can Jog – Middlemarch

He Can Jog

CD – Audiobulb
With the anagrammatized moniker ‘He Can Jog’, sound artist Erik Schoster pays tribute to John Cage, master and seminal experimenter. Cage remains an essential point of reference, especially for those who still wonder about the complex compositional structures in contemporary music. It’s not by chance, then, that in ‘Middlemarch’ the attention seems focused on texture, gently twisted by glitches, interferences and clicks, creating a dreamy atmosphere, never trivial, but sensitive and delicate. It is high quality laptop music, with some “pop” taste and nuanced electronica that combines well with Bryan Teoh images [equally rarefied and multifaceted] during live performances. The record was composed using Max/MSP. The tracks present different attitudes in a painstaking and intricate way, without ever “punishing” the listener. It’s minimalism and melody colliding in floating sonorities, a little melancholic, mixed with ambient and folk.