Kiko C. Esseiva – Sous Les Etoiles

Kiko C. Esseiva

CD – Hinterzimmer
Oblique, hollow melodies, horror-movie-style audio samples, suspended atmospheres, elegant iterations, intermezzo organ, voice experiments, and – unmistakably – a taste for a certain pure mental automatism, which pierces the free flow of creativity. There are strong references to the historical avant garde running through the ten tracks of “Sous Les Etoiles”, Kiko C. Esseiva’s third album. He is an artist inclined to improvising and to a sort of surrealist bricolage, while still maintaining ties with electroacoustic and concrete music. The construction is sensitive, and the artist manages to create many different emotional states throughout – diverting the listener through constant surprises. Although the album does not reach towards the most contemporary forms of musical expression, the acoustic instruments, the articulated noise, human voices and field recordings combine to support the sound narration. The music is intricate and dense; perhaps a little too naive, but nevertheless fascinating for the many references and graceful connections. The sound evolutions are more related to art than to nature, though are not even particularly synthetic. The are worked instinctively and are only slightly ‘corrupted’ by the new electronic logics.