Erratum #4. Sound Review. Noise + Art + Poetry

Erratum #4. Sound review. Noise + Art + Poetry

3 CD – Erratum
An anthological release, yet still very interesting, “Erratum # 4. Sound Review. Noise + Art + Poetry” was edited by the homonymous transalpine magazine and was compiled by Joachim Montessuis. This three-disc compilation brings together a consistent set of abstract and experimental sequences, which are now considered classics of the genre. The advent (in the digital era) of sonic poetry in the performance field facilitated a new form of “inter-media” poetics. Forty-five tracks are selected with contributions from many very well known artists: from Sonic Youth’s Lee Ranaldo (ehm…), AGF, Francisco Lopez, Phill Niblock, Jorg Piringer (from the Institute For Transacoustic Reserch) to Brandon Labelle, Christina Kubish, and the Italian Giovanni Fontana. It’s an atypical production, but not unclassifiable. Using the McLuhan “tetrads paradigm” (from his “the law of the media”), the border between what we develop, what we make obsolete, what we retrieve and what we turn upside down is really ephemeral. In this work we find “spherical” and resonating acoustic spaces. They are both discontinuous and simultaneous and potentially formally equivalent to some art schemes from the past, but are hiding a generational paradigm switch that has already happened. This is another proof that we can’t copy and paste patterns of the historical avant-garde anymore; instead, it suggests that we need a new narrative to “tame” present times.