Recycling Records Presents: The Best Of Polish Smooth Jazz…Ever

Recycling Records Presents: The Best Of Polish Smooth Jazz...Ever

CD – Recycling Records
This is in the round sound recycling, a project born to support the plunderphonic idea. It revolves on a meticulous summation of existent music parts, then published under a Creative Commons license. Sound derives, even very well concocted, ranging from bastard-pop to breakcore, produced by twenty anonymous Polish artists, able to render twenty national top hits (so the label speakers state), magically transforming pop junk into up-to-date avantgarde music. It’s hard to better qualify such process without a further critic frame (after so many plagiarism years and embodied forms), even if they belong to all intents and purposes to the contemporary experimental music experiences. Now they’re supposed to include a further cultural lag, some new concepts or an undertow to still use this form of expression purposefully. Actually skillfully articulating pop-rock forms in intelligent de-constructions, then alternating dissonant parts with ambient sequences, it’s definitively not enough. Alternatively, the emerging and needed task seems to be to redefine the plunderphonic approach in the digital mass distribution era.