Mahmoud Refat – Mort Aux Vaches

Mahmoud Refat

CD – Mort Aux Vaches

Mort Aux Vaches series artworks are more and more sophisticated. This artwork has been commissioned to Piotr Mordel, graphic designer founder of the atypical “The Club of Polish Losers” in Berlin, Dialog magazine contributor, and skillful here in associating elaborate drawings to a “precious” lettering, decorated with a sort of glitter. It’s an exoticism that seems to be suggested by the same sound nature. The Egyptian Mahmoud Refat recorded his tracks at the VPRO Dwars Festival in Amsterdam, in 2006. Sounds are dense with entangled juxtapositions, glitched sequences and clicks’n’cuts, painstakingly combined by in patterns. There’s a hollow mood, ethnic feelings with hums composing skeletal rhythmical scores. The author’s past funk and jazz experiences are well hidden, and there’s a real experimental character in the aural continuum that for functional reasons has been divided into seven tracks, all “untitled”. It’s a measured and neutral quality, perfectly fitting the standard of such productions, even if evidencing a non-linear, twisted and hypnotic approach that sports an even more mystic quality with the various added field recordings. It’s a continuos crackling of suspended and dreaming sounds.