Fenin – Been Through


CD – Shitkatapult
Surround dub atmospheres, “retrofuturistic” influences (especially noticeable in “Breakin”, mimicking the typical style of “Popcorn” seminal proto-electronic hit) articulated in dense grooves. Techno sequences hybridized with reggae-roots tradition, linking the classic “toasting” with the new rhythmic modernity and an “experimental” quality shaped by the knowledge of very different sound methodological domains. No surprise then that we found Eraldo Bernocchi among the collaborators, a sophisticated and transversal musician, he himself involved in different genres, then condensed in pure digital effectiveness. It’s interesting to highlight that the “dubby” mixture has been developed in Germany, a country at the antipodes of “Latin” emotionalities. It’s a coupling between “heat”, “tension” and extreme digital rationality, in an ambient melting pot, involving various cultures and procedures, yet here shining in its own light.