Amalgus Cycle Process1, digital genesis

Laura Zajac

Amalgus Cycle by Laura Zajac is an environment made up of parasitic processes triggered by organic inputs, which permeate and interconnect with organics and non-organics entities, through digital encoding, in a self-sufficient and finite mode. Process1 is actually the first step towards such environment. The interactive installation tracks the audience movements and maps them out in a multi-cellular colonies form. Human movements are a further input for an organic interaction. Infrared sensors detect the human presence and activate accordingly a set of heating elements. Those elements heat up a container of wax which melts down and start to flow over a slide made out of muslin and paper. The melted wax running over this structure creates new forms and landscapes of generative sculpture. These shapes keep changing according to the audience presence till the cycle ends because of a resource (wax) lack. Laura Zajac skills are used here binary relationships with the organic one, using the former to ascribe the genetic code to the latter. The installation is quite complex, but the wax sculptures combined with the cellular colonies projections on the walls create a unique environment, able to metaphorically breath, thanks to the movements of people crossing its physical space.

Tony Canonico