Various Artists – Now

Various Artists

CD – Underscan

This is an interesting compilation by Underscan Recordings, a Berlinese label founded by the productive Ralph Pytlik and Markward Wagner, and it’s the first release of the ‘Now’ series that connects a truly wide soundscape, with very fuzzy experiments spanning the different subgenres which converge towards electronic, chillout-ambient and house music. In the first track, Funckarma (Don and Roel Funken) cross fragmented sequences, wavy beatz in the foreground on dilated textures according to a consolidated style. The second track, by the Japanese Somshit sound quite close, more iterated, but with equally nervous rhythms and measured melodic inserts. Deeply cut threads for 3tronik (aka Fabien Florin), too, which apparently were a constant feature of a certain house sound which, after the minimalist wave, found a different style in a tangled and complex multirhythmic pattern layering. Characterized by very synthetic and ‘cheesy’ sounds, the track by Dalezy is cinematic, while the one by Slemper is full of suggestive and restless click’n’glitch atmospheres. On a similar mood, the final acceleration is imposed by the tracks by Frank Bretschneider, Pytlik himself and Scanner.