Dj Donna Summer – Panther Tracks

Dj Donna Summer

CD – Cock Rock Disco
The artistic trajectory of Jason Forrest, aka DJ Donna Summer, is evolving towards more and more radical ways. He’s one of the gods of plagiarist breakcore, a genre which is itself transforming, halfway between new booty, techno and mash-up attitudes. Originally conceived as a sort of remix record, ‘Panther Tracks’ builds its wall of sounds starting from an extreme variety of sampled dance music. Forrest rehashes the old-rave style (obscure and frantic sequences, a la Ellis D, DJ Slipmat and Ratpack) mincing together shards of hardstyle, happy hardcore and bass, an exercise which is even less conceptual than in the past, because these dissonances have broken free from the experimental circles and have invaded the dancefloors and the live shows, which often turn into opportunities for the audience to do some ‘bad dancing’. After all, in the attitude of Cock Rock Disco (both the label and the site, in the spirit of Donna Summer) the duality of conceptualism and physicization is evident, and it’s equally evident that they enjoy making fun of (all) their fans.