Klaus Schulze – Body Love Vol. 2

Klaus Schulze

CD – Revisited Records
Recorded by Klaus Schulze (accompanied by the percussionist Harald Grosskopf) from the end of 1976 and the following September, Body Love Vol. 2 was born originally as a whimsical reprise of a successful previous project, designed to be used as the soundtrack of a porn flick by the director Lasse Braun. The listening experience, of course, doesn’t hint at all at this peculiarity, and Schulze’s dilated sequences are indeed full of physical and sensual elements, but they veer more towards a cosmic and psychedelic dimension, like a certain kind of electronic space rock which was fashionable during that decade (Klaus Schulze was a member of the Tangerine Dream and then founded the Ash Ra Tempel. After that, with Pete Namlook and Bill Laswell, with the permission of Bob Moog itself and the Pink Floyd, he composed the series ‘The Dark Side of the Moog’, a homage to the inventor of the popular synthesizer). Dream-like slow-ambient threads, elegiac themes, fluctuating drones, epic synths and seminal beeps’n’bleeps, this is what this record is made of, and it’s enjoyable by everybody, not just by his fans.