Michael Fahres – TheTubes

Michael Fahres

CD – Cold Blue Music
Highly imaginative atmospheres, experimental attitudes untangled in sensitive sequences, iterations and ellipses, marked from the first track, ‘Sevan’ by the Armenian Parik Nazarian vocal interventions, well set in chorus assonanting to the classic tenor singing. Here we find sonic scans more and more
rarefied, assembled in ‘organic’ type of weaves, almost evoking pure natural phenomena. Michael Fahres recorded these sounds in El Hierro. the smallest Canarian island, in caves, tunnels, natural ravines and canyons. He did it with Jon Hassel, historical minimal composer, involved with his trumpet and well assisted by Mark Atkins (didgeridoo) in the “Tubes” dilated continuum, a track that lasts more than 30 minutes. The third and final recording is a full-bodied field recording, made out by R. Murray Shafer and Carlos Alberto Augusto involving more than 1700 improvised musicians and sound-makers in Coimbra (Portugal), building an aural background for the subsequent work of the German composer, able to clearly recall moments of the local daily life.