Arms And Sleepers – Black Paris 86

Arms And Sleepers

CD – Expect Candy
Quiet and elegant intertwining of cinematic ambient weaves, rhythms, experiences unstably balanced in the beats heavily cut. It’s a snug electronica, even with melodic treatments, subdivided by Max Lewis and Mirza Ramic in very elegant sequences, gentle, in the tradition of a groove structure contamination that reminds nonetheless to certain trip hop or post rock influences for its nostalgia or troubled kindness. It’s a debut album, maybe it’s not the most innovative one can imagine, but it’s doubtless highly imaginative and hypnotic in its modules inspired by dreaming sonorities, mixed with ethereal vocals and inserts that can be calculated as indietronica values, walking solemnly first in alluring singsong, and then in languid jazz sequences or neo-folk airs, skillfully moving across many different genres borders. It’s a visionary and poetic dimension that in their live concert benefit from the Dado Ramadani contributions, a Boston based video artist totally at his ease with post-human fantasies and 3D stylization.