Daniel Lentz – On The Leopard Altar

Daniel Lentz

CD – Cold Blue
Complex assonant vocalism exercises, mindful of ‘polite’ inspirations, mediaeval interlacings, reworked in new acoustic research contexts. The work of Daniel Lentz can be placed with the above unusual parallelism between trobadoric suggestions and avant-garde performances. He’s a mature musician already very active in the seventies, lexperimenting in the sunny and nonconformist Claifornia with early loops and tape-delay with a subversive drive and a healthy dose of irony. He used to assemble dreamy compositions where all the vocalists would have performed emitting sounds through placing their tongues in other performers’ mouths. A type of music writing that englobes everything, multiple vocalises, keyboards, tonal effects and romantic melodies and stratifications structured in a very ariose and seductive style. Among the many elements involved there are textual fragments, measured impressions, ‘overtones’ and lyrical samples. A post-modern suite, still disenchanted and meaningful, open to multiple levels of meaning.