Weisse – Rephlex


CD – Electroton

Glitchy and deeply cut atmospheres, densely articulated among synthesized sounds and data-centered programming. Threads that obliquely reflect the influences of a certain kind of minimal-techno dance, keeping strong non-mainstream attitudes and a conceptual approach, with clear goals that make this a very coherent project, although not completely new. It doesn’t go hand in hand with digital pop, on the contrary, it sounds like a true infatuation for the experimental sides, close to club sounds for its deep structures, with a unity which is the result of the extremization of the cult of minimalism (historical avant-gardes) associated with (according to clearly postmodern schemes) to the new ‘cyberglam’ of the most recent disco aesthetics. This new German label underlines again the confluence of inspirations in the slim and sharp structures and in the stylized sounds and their refinement: an approach that, evidently, hasn’t completely exhausted its potential.