Simon Ho – Signal

Simon Ho

CD – Cash
A very rarefied and minimal project by the Swiss musician and composer Simon Hostettler (aka Simon Ho), an artist used to research and stylistic contamination, always balanced between different fields. This is the first implementation of a completely digital approach, and he chose not to dilute the attention in a plethora of options and music software, concentrating only on the essential (specifically, using Reason by Propellerhead to make the sounds, which were then ‘rewired’ for mixing and mastering). It’s perhaps a choice too shrouded in philosophy (and a very common and commercial choice of software) which stresses, not in a positive way, the large scale of digital elements and informations that tower upon us these days. Nonetheless, the results are interesting and shine with fine sound textures and calibrated relations, made even more vivid by his choice to record everything live at the Noisy Neighbour Studio in Hong Kong.