A dictionary as a timeline for privileges

‘Privileges’, Diane Landry, privileges.jpg

Diane Landry’s installation ‘Privileges’ consists of the readymade object ‘book’ semantic alteration. A dictionary is in fact changed into an automated flip book in order to animate the education privileges metaphor. The number of pages of this universal book determines the animation’s quantity of images. Each page in fact displays a frame of a cliché sequence where the protagonist is the artist herself cutting an apple in job gloves. The logical connection is quite immediate: the access to culture allows the privileged to fed up. Landry intends to provoke a surprising relationship between objects and their usual meaning, thus breaking the usual link between our reading of an object and the memory of it. By recycling the meaning and the primary use of everyday objects, she hopes to upset and interrupt people’s thoughts infiltrating her works into their minds thanks to the simple surprise effect. In this case she uses a dictionary as a timeline.

Valentina Culatti