Hackmeeting 2007, ten years nerdcore

Hackmeeting 07, hackmeeting_07.jpg

There are only a few events (in the range of thousands of participants) completely self-organized and self funded that can boast a decade of yearly editions, all very well attended and never in the same city. It’s the Italian Hackmeeting, a unique meeting of hackers at large that is quite different from the US/North Europe based similar meetings. It’ll take place in Pisa 28-30 September, in the nth hosting squatted place called Rebeldia and will sport the usual incredibly rich mix of the most pure hacking spirit applied to reality. The program of free seminars/talk (that will take place in three big spaces temporary entitled ‘Ballard’, ‘Debord’ and ‘Dick’) includes: roundtable on how sharing (any kind of) resources can benefit the environment, circuit bending, VOIP and privacy, distributed networking protocols, creative commons, cryptography, humanoid robotics, how to make your own bread with a hacker attitude, hacking cookies, IPSec, and more. Three famous international guests will join the event: Armin Medosh talking about the emancipatory potential of technologies in ’45 RPM/ Revolutions per Minute’, Andy Mueller Maghun will talk about hacker experiences, starting from the 20 years activity of German Chaos Computer Club in ‘Interests around the Cyberspace about the hackers choice and lessons learned’ and finally Emmanuel Goldstein, editor of the historical zine 2600, will argue on what it means to be hacker today, especially in the post 9/11 U.S. in his ‘The Evolution of Hacking’. The Italian hackmeetings wonderfully reflect the true internet spirit: completely open, with no central organization and gathering amazingly heterogeneous and active people. Long live them!