Fuckhead – Lebensfrische


dvd – Mosz – mosz012
In this work by Fuckhead, purposefully ambiguous in its mix of different spectacular forms and for the issues tackled, but very clear in its formal results that plunder from the ‘performing art’ tradition, there’s a mix of contradictory inspirations going well beyond the two components of their name, ‘fuck’, which is the ‘animal’ part, the pack, the naked tribe (as with Living Theatre or the Viennese Actionism), and ‘head’, which is the rational and analytical approach. Theater and rock’n’roll, which, in the era of multimedia, take on contemporary shades mixing body performances and noise music, video and electronica. Elaborations that, in this case, are confirmed by the many live concerts, and that can’t do without a big group work, whose practices are reminiscent of the experiments of the last twenty years, crossed by different elements and artistic techniques, articulated in modern shapes and put side-by-side with the video-electronic emergencies that come from vjing, computer graphics and digital installations. It’s an exciting short-circuit, and the dvd format is perfect to underline the multifaceted but compressed expressivity of this group.