Various Artists – Women Take Back The Noise

Women Take Back The Noise

3CD in custom-made, circuit-bent packaging – Ubuibi

A wonderful hand-made package for this electronica collection of female artists made out of three CDs, enriched by stylized flyers, stickers, photos and notes on the artists involved, contained in a
transparent blue case (there are pink and orange versions, too), with hinges and adorned by a cloth daisy with a ‘noise cookie’, a small device which emits squeaky noises and lights up a led closing a circuit. Too complicated? Not at all. This package, in limited edition of 1000, is an object to keep away from children, who are immediately attracted to it by its colors and playful appearance. The music, of course, is less ‘friendly’, often gloomy, glitchy, experimental and dissonant in its many influences that span industrial and leftfield-folk, dark wave and minimal. An array of unconventional experiences and biographies crosses these tracks: from Cosey Fanni Tutti (ex Throbbing Gristle), with a live recording made at the ‘Wired Woman Festival’ in London, to Bevin Kelley, a digital suffragette with Blectum From Blechdom who articulates field recordings and samples with indisputable skill, or to Insect Deli, a noise-girl, laptop artist and performer dressed like a ninja mosquito, or even to the Kunt group, Australian pseudo-lolitas with a rock attitude. There are as many as 47 artists in this release, a very fragmented summa of a cosmopolitan underground attitude that integrates pop abstractions, lo-fi, improvisation, classical culture and ambient-soundscape.