Blotnik Brothers – Mizuage

Blotnik Brothers, Mizuage

CD – Satamile

The Blotnik Brothers are a Swedish trio, devoted to electro sounds, founded in 1999 by Martin Rasberg and Roberto Mensa, and joined then by Patrick Casey. They are distinguished by a musical approach relating on one hand to the genre tradition, that from the end of seventies and early eightieshas highlighted the innovative talent of many significant artists. On the other hand they are turning to more futuristic and marked sides, publicly appreciated (not by accident) by techno dj as Billy Nasty and Dave Clark. Equipped with a sophisticated artwork, made by the Dutch design group 310K (that reminds us the old Celluloid Records graphic style), ‘Mizuage’ is a very compact album, and qualitatively well beyond the average of many trend-induced synth-pop recent productions. The parts hosting more fractured rhythms are especially appreciable, with oneiric and melodically groovy atmospheres, as they are perfectly expressed in ‘Tin Can’, ‘Future Visions’ and the last track ‘LoVE Song’.