Anla Courtis – Tape Works

Anla Courtis

CD – Pogus
An asserter of frugality (“I think it doesn’t make sense to discard old technologies just because there are some new ones”), the Argentinian Anla Courtis prefers obsolete tape recordings to the combinatorial possibilities of computers, and is happy about her 4-tracks Tascam Portastudio, a not-so-vintage tool that allows her to make many creative manipulations. For experimenters so used to consolidated practices, it seems only natural to think about confluences of different ways to operate, making us think about how “the use” is always more important than “the means”. This problem aside, this collection of tracks, elaborated between 1991 and 1998 and then remastered looks untouched by the passing of time, thanks to sophisticated fluctuations, cuts, reverbs, many micro-dissonances, mixed to analog sounds in skillfully processed tapes.